Harlequin Shadowseer

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    Illusion, misdirection and terror are the psychic tools at the disposal of the Shadowseer. Wherever the Shadowseer treads on the battlefield discipline collapses, replaced by a bedlam of screams, gibbering and panicked, aimless gunfire. Through it all strides the Shadowseer – an island of sinister calm in an ocean of madness.

    This 11-piece plastic kit makes one Harlequin Shadowseer armed a shuriken pistol, miststave and hallucinogen grenade launcher. The shuriken pistol can be replaced with a neuro disruptor which is also included. The model is supplied with a 25mm round base.

    Warhammer 40k Harlequin Shadowseer
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    • In stock (1)
    C$33.00C$28.05 Excl. tax