Marneus Calgar's Indomitus Crusaders

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Marneus Augustus Calgar is not only a consummate warrior, but also a highly talented strategist. He is master of Ultramar, a vast swathe of space on the embattled Eastern Fringe. He launched the counter-invasion of the xenos-tainted planet of Vigilus with the veteran warriors Lethro Ados and Nemus Adranus – two of his most trusted aides from the Victrix Guard – always at his side. Alongside the noble warriors of the Ultramarines 1st Company's Sternguard and Vanguard Veteran squads, these Indomitus Crusaders will do all they can to defend Vigilus, and humanity.

This collection includes Marneus Calgar and his Victrix Guard, as well as 10 Sternguard Veterans and 5 Vanguard Veterans, allowing you to use the Victrix Guard Specialist Detachment Stratagem found in the Vigilus Defiant campaign book.

- Marneus Calgar is the perfect addition to any Ultramarines army. Clad in the Armour of Heraclus – a custom suit of MkX Gravis Armour, and is wielding the legendary Gauntlets of Ultramar, he casts an imposing figure on the battlefield. His armour is adorned with purity seals, laurels and symbols of the Ultramarines Chapter that stands so defiantly against Mankind's enemies. This model is supplied with a 50mm base.

- The Victrix Guard are mighty warriors of Ultramar, whose tactical skill is matched only by their martial prowess. Dedicated protectors, they carry stormshields as ornate and decorated as their armour into battle, while wielding power swords to help them protect Marneus Calgar and dispatch his enemies. This collection contains 2 Victrix Guard miniatures, each supplied with a 40mm base.

- Sternguard Veterans are drawn from a Chapter’s prestigious 1st Company. Deploying wherever the battle is fiercest, they particularly excel in the use of ranged weaponry. The two 5-man Sternguard Veteran Squads included in this bundle come with a massive amount of variety and options, providing every opportunity to create a unique squad, befitting their role as some of the Space Marines' finest heroes. There are enough components here to create 10 Sternguard Veterans, and each is supplied with a 32mm base.

- Deployed as fast-moving rapid-response forces, Space Marine Vanguard Veterans are close-combat specialists. These veterans of the 1st Company take to war propelled by jump packs and armed with the Chapter’s most ancient and revered melee weapons. The five Vanguard Veterans in the squad are each designed with a great sense of action and energy and the set contains a huge variety of weapon options with which to arm them.

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