Thank you for choosing Basement Dwellers for your shopping experience.

Being a new store, my stock levels are still increasing and as such not everything listed on the website is available immediately. You'll notice items labelled 'Special Order' listed throughout the website; these items will have to be ordered from my suppliers and then, on arrival, shipped off to you. To make up for this delay in time, you are welcome to use the coupon code 'specialorder' on checkout to give an added discount to your order.

However, considering the handoff on orders from you to my suppliers, there are some situations where they don't have the item you are looking for immediately. Something might be back-ordered or temporarily out of stock. If that is the case, I will let you know about the possible delay, and although it isn't the normal situation, it is still possible it can happen.


So please, before ordering, consider these store policies:

- My primary goal is to provide as good of costumer service as possible, at a competitive price, and to fulfill any orders as quickly as I can.

-If you would like to know if I have things in stock and if it can ship immediately, please contact me first via email at or via my Basement Dwellers Facebook page.

-I offer full refund of any order that cannot be fullfilled, however I won't be willing to offer refunds on orders because of a reasonable delay (under a month). 

-Please take advantage of the 'specialorder' discount code on checkout for any items with the 'Special Order' tag on them. These items might take a little longer to arrive to you, but you get an added discount to make up for it! 

Thank you so much for choosing Basement Dwellers. I appreciate it greatly.




Due to the situation regarding COVID-19, some items can expect a longer delay to get in your hands. Shipping times are longer and LOTS of items are backordered or direct out of stock. 

Please contact me if you'd like to know if I have access to some items before ordering, or if you aren't worried about waiting, thank you so much for your patience in this time.

Stay safe!