Vokmortian Master of the Bone-Tithe

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    It is Vokmortian’s task to oversee the harvesting of bones for the Ossiarch legions, a duty he undertakes with ruthless, calculating precision. Those who defy the will of the Great Necromancer are cut down with flesh-withering bolts of necromantic magic. Whether you're looking for a capable commander for your Ossiarch Bonereapers or just a cracking little painting project, Vokmortian, Master of the Bone-tithe is a great model for you. On the battlefield, Vokmortian can slay enemies instantly with a touch (seriously – check the warscroll!) as well as disrupting your foe’s Wizards.

    This kit is supplied in 9 plastic components and comes with a 40mm round base.

    Age of Sigmar Vokmortian Master of the Bone-Tithe
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    C$35.00C$29.75 Excl. tax